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Keyword:consulting service (Search title only)
Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Active Contracts
Posted:Nov 24, 2021

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14 Opportunities Found  
1.  Accounting Consulting Services
    State Kansas
    Agency State Government of Kansas
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 09, 2021
2.  Strategic Plan and Official Plan Consulting Services
    State Prince Edward Island
    Agency Government of Prince Edward Island
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 07, 2021
3.  Consulting Services - Equity Indicators / Community Engagement
    State Texas
    Agency City of Houston
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 04, 2021
4.  Architectural, Engineering, Land Survey and GIS Mapping Consulting Services
    State Arizona
    Agency City of Phoenix
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 10, 2021
5.  CHFS Consulting Services
    State Kentucky
    Agency State Government of Kentucky
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 03, 2021
6.  RFP for On-Call Consulting, Engineering, Management & Construction Services
    State Maryland
    Agency State Government of Maryland
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Jan 18, 2022
7.  Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services
    State Alberta
    Agency Government of Alberta
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 14, 2021
8.  Procurement of Consulting Services for Indian Creek and H.E. Holmes Stations Master Plan Request for Proposal (RFP)?-?RFP P48713
    State Georgia
    Agency Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Jan 12, 2022
9.  Medicaid Consulting Services C2971
    State Kentucky
    Agency State Government of Kentucky
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 03, 2021
10.  Coastal Engineering and Consulting Services
    State Louisiana
    Agency State Government of Louisiana
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 16, 2021
11.  RFQ for Prequalified Consulting Services relating to Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage Monitoring Services, Integrated Physical Needs Assessment Services, Construction Monitoring Service...
    State New York
    Agency State Government of New York
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 19, 2021
12.  LEED Certification Consulting Services - As Needed
    State New Mexico
    Agency Albuquerque Public Schools
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 21, 2021
    State British Columbia
    Agency Government of British Columbia
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Dec 09, 2021
14.  eWIC Consulting Services for EBT
    State Wisconsin
    Agency University of Wisconsin
    Posted on Nov 24, 2021
    Due by Jan 17, 2022

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