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Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Contract Histories
Posted:Jan 11, 2022

72 Opportunities Found  1  2  3  4  Next 
1.  Lease Management Software
    State Kansas
    Agency State Government of Kansas
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 13, 2022
2.  BARC Veterinarian Services
    Document Type Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Updated)
    Solicitation No. 12305b21q0021
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 13, 2021
3.  Professional Services Lead and Copper Rule Revision Compliance Implementation Project No. 3202021A1
    State Arizona
    Agency City of Tempe
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Feb 01, 2022
4.  Resident - Community Support Services Consultant [PF - UMHA]
    State New York
    Agency The New York State Contract Reporter
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 27, 2022
5.  New Worker Training Program for Wisconsin Access, Initial Assessment and Ongoing Child Protective Services Professionals(UW-MAD)[22-5238]
    State Wisconsin
    Agency University of Wisconsin
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 31, 2022
    State Texas
    Agency Austin Independent School District
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Feb 03, 2022
7.  IDIQ for Financial Management Portfolio Financial and Grant Services
    State Maryland
    Document Type Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Updated)
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Apr 12, 2022
8.  Business and Facilities Consulting Services
    State Texas
    Agency County of Harris - Department of Education
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 18, 2022
9.  Request for Architect/Engineer Qualifications - Full Design and Construction Administration Services for the Penn Daw Fire Station, Emergency Shelter and Supportive Housing, and Af...
    State Virginia
    Agency Fairfax County
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 25, 2022
10.  PKA - Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) - 6 FSS
    State Florida
    Document Type Sources Sought (Original)
    Solicitation No. FA481422TF3456
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 18, 2022
11.  Laboratory Support Services and Operations (LASSO II)
    State Florida
    Document Type Solicitation (Updated)
    Solicitation No. 80KSC021R0038
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 19, 2022
12.  Matching Market Execution Service
    Document Type Special Notice (Original)
    Solicitation No. W911SD22R0050
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 18, 2022
13.  Sterrad PM Service Base Plus 4 Option Years
    State South Carolina
    Document Type Presolicitation (Original)
    Solicitation No. 36C24722Q0261
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 14, 2022
14.  U099 - The NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Contracting Department, Groton Office requires Instructor Services for Meridian, MS in accordance with the DRAFT Performance Work S...
    Document Type Sources Sought (Original)
    Solicitation No. N0018922QGXX1
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 18, 2022
15.  Professional Engineering Services for Bridge Relocation Design - Precinct 4
    State Texas
    Agency State Government of Texas
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Feb 03, 2022
16.  Broadband Communication Project Management Services
    State Michigan
    Agency Allegan County
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 21, 2022
17.  Robeson Community College (RBCC) seeks to contract with a consultant, preferably with experience working with North Carolina Community College Compensation Plans; to develop a comp...
    State North Carolina
    Agency State Government of North Carolina
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Feb 18, 2022
18.  2022-01 RFQ General Planning and Zoning Consulting Services
    State Florida
    Agency City of Doral
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Feb 12, 2022
19.  Consulting Services for an Enterprise Resource Planning System
    State Oregon
    Agency Northern Wasco County Peoples Utilities District
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Mar 01, 2022
    State Guam
    Agency Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB)
    Posted on Jan 11, 2022
    Due by Jan 17, 2022
72 Opportunities Found  1  2  3  4  Next 

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